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NCVC Girls Club Information

2017-2018 Season info
New players must register with NCVC & NCVA. 
Players not registered will not be able to participate in practices beginning December 5th.

NCVC Player
Registration Links:

NCVC Girls Team Player Registration

Please use this link to register with NCVC if you have been selected for a position on 2017-2018 Girls Team (Both Power & Premier)

Other Required Registrations:

NCVA Registration

All NCVC Players will need a 2017-2018 NCVA Junior Player Membership. Players can choose club affiliation after November 13th Commitments

Girls Season Printable Info/Forms

Please check back regularly for updates as things can change at the start of the season! Dates provided to help you stay on top of the latest info.

Event, Payment & Practice Schedules updated 10/25/17

All practices will be updated on our Calendar
after Tryouts if needed
Practices begin in December 

Northern California Volleyball Club 2017-2018 is our 12th Season!

NCVC is the #1 Boys & Girls Power Volleyball Program in the
Sacramento Valley and Northern California.   

In 2017 NCVC qualified 5 Girls teams for the USA Junior National: 18-1Open, 18-2 Patriot, 17-1 National, 16-1 American & 15-1 American

In 2016 NCVC qualified 5 Girls teams for the USA Junior Nationals: 18-1 Open, 18-2 Patriot, 17-1 American, 16-1 National & 15-1 National.

In 2015 NCVC qualified 5 Girls teams for the USA Junior Nationals: 18-1 National, 17-1 National, 16-1 American, 15-1 National & 14-1 Open.

In 2014 NCVC qualified 6 Girls teams for the USA Junior Nationals: 18-1 Open, 18-2 American, 17-1 American, 16-1 American, 15-1 National & 14-1 USA.

In 2013 NCVC qualified 5 Girls teams for the USA Junior Nationals: 18-1 Open, 17-1 Open, 16-1 National, 15-1 National & 14-1 American.

In 2012 NCVC qualified 5 Girls teams for the USA Junior Nationals: 18-1 National, 17-1 Open, 17-2 National, 16-1 American, 15-1 American & 14-1 National.

We are committed to training players to compete at the highest level. NCVC coaches are encouraged to attend conferences and clinics to learn new drills, techniques, and strategies which will benefit our athletes.


Check Event Calendar for your team's actual schedule
Cal Kickoff 
Music City Qualifier (18s) (Stay & Play Policy applies)
President's Day 
Las Vegas Classic (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Triple Crown NIT Championships (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Golden State Qualifier (18s)
Colorado Crossroads Qualifier (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Pacific Northwest Qualifier (PNQ) (Stay & Play Policy applies)
SCVA Qualifier (Stay & Play Policy applies)

NCVC 18-1 Asics - 2017 USA Junior National Championships - 18 Open