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NCVC Girls Club Information

2020-2021 Girls Club Season


This 2020-2021 Season will not be like any other season. The pandemic has halted tournament play in California for the foreseeable future and CIF has postponed Girls High School volleyball to a December start date. Not to mention Early Signing without Tryouts and even a fledgling JVA league in our region. Volleyball Clubs are working with a lot of unknowns as we begin the 2020-2021 Girls Club Volleyball Season.

Here are the things NCVC does know:

1. NCVC will continue to be associated with USA Volleyball and participate under the NCVA (Northern California Volleyball Association). USAV has the highest level of competition and is the pipeline to the USA National Team. NCVC's mission is to train athletes to compete at the highest level possible and prepare them for the next level of volleyball play.

2. NCVC will be forming Girls Power Teams during the NCVA "Early Signing without Tryouts" window (August 29th - August 31st). These Teams will be Training Teams to begin with and will transition to full Team Play once tournament play is approved by the State and/or local officials as needed.  Teams will have weekend practices October - December. 

3. Practice schedules will be modified in January based on all factors known at that time (high school schedules, firm tournament schedules, etc). NCVC encourages players to participate in both Club and High School volleyball and we will be flexible to support participation in both.

4. NCVC strives to keep costs down and has always been an affordable choice in the Competitive Club Volleyball space. This year is challenging to budget because of the possibility of changes to the tournament (and practice schedules) due to the pandemic. We will continue to offer high quality training and tournament play at reasonable rates.  We will begin with Girls Teams Training in Oct & Nov at $480 for 16 practice sessions. Payment will be due Aug 31st with Signing to secure your spot on our team.  Uniform costs and the first formal Club Fee will be due November 1st so that we can enter teams into events and print uniforms in time for the first potential tournament dates. Tentative Tournament Schedule and Costs below. 

5. NCVC will refund club fees paid on a prorated basis for any event that we must cancel as a Club. There is no refund for any training or tournament that a player misses due to their own circumstances. 

We understand there may be more questions than answers at this time. We know this can be frustrating as players and parents try to make decisions for the season. NCVC is committed to providing the same high quality coaching and club support that we have been for nearly 15 years. We are ready to adapt and make this season a positive experience despite the challenges. 


Please fill out the Tryout Form, at no cost, to be considered for an NCVC Girls Power Team for the 2020-2021 Season.

There will be no physical Tryout this season due to the pandemic. Players will be offered spots based on prior knowledge of players' skills and/or information collected in our Tryout Form.

NCVC will begin making selections and offering spots via email on August 29th per the new NCVA guidelines.

Players will receive an email on the status of their "Tryout" prior to the August 31st Signing Date. Alternates may be contacted after Signing if a spot becomes available.

Girls Team Training - October & November

See Team Pages for Times October 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 25th, 31st
See Team Pages for Times November 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 28th, 29th
Mandatory Training Cost: $480

Includes NCVC Practice Shirt and 2 pair of Asics Socks

Team Training fee due Aug 31st with Signing to secure your spot on an NCVC team.

Uniform Package

Cost TDB We will be using the same Asics items as last year where possible to help offset costs for returning players. Details and cost will post once available

Tentative 2020-2021 Girls Tournament Schedule

Dec-May 14-2 Team 14-1, 15-1, 16-2 Teams 16-1, 17-1, 17-2 Teams 18-1 Team
Non-League or Scrimmage Non-League or Scrimmage Non-League or Scrimmage Scrimmage
NCVA Power League NCVA Power League NCVA Power League NCVA Power League
Cal Kickoff Cal Kickoff Cal Kickoff Las Vegas Classic
President's Day President's Day Las Vegas Classic 3 USAV National Qualifiers
1 USAV National Qualifier 2 USAV National Qualifiers 3 USAV National Qualifiers
Club Fees: $2750 $3100 $3400 $3100

Final schedule and club fees will be based on actual tournament availability once all schedules are firmly in place.

Uniform and 1st Club Fee payment due November 1st.

If a tournament is listed as Stay & Play, all players are required to book in the team block that the club will set-up with tournament housing.

NCVC Girls USA Junior Nationals Medal Count = 6

Qualified 44 Teams to USA Junior National Championships

USA Open Division 11 Teams Qualified


Check Event Calendar for your team's actual schedule
Cal Kickoff (Stay & Play Policy applies)
President's Day (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Las Vegas Classic (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Co Crossroads (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Pacific Northwest Qualifier (PNQ) (Stay & Play Policy applies
SCVA Qualifier (Stay & Play Policy applies)
Far Western Jr National Qualifier  (Stay & Play Policy applies)
USA Volleyball Junior National Championships (Stay & Play Policy applies)