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NCVC Boys Club Information

2018 NCVC Boys
Summer Season Tryouts
Date: May 6th, 2018
Location: Jackson Sports Academy
5209 Luce Avenue, McClellan, Ca

Tryout fee of $25.00 (payable to NCVC) includes a t-shirt.
Returning NCVC 2017-2018 Power League players do not have to pay the tryout fee. 
Please wear your numbered white game jersey to the tryout.


Age Group Registration Tryout Team Meeting
13U & 14U 9:00 - 9:30am 9:30 - 11:00am 11:00 - 12:00pm
15U & 16U 12:00 - 12:30pm 12:30 - 2:00pm 2:00 - 3:00pm
17U & 18U 3:30 - 4:00pm 4:00 - 5:30pm 5:30 - 6:30pm
2018 Boys Summer Program Printable Forms

    For 18-1, 17-1, 16-1 & 15-1 Team Players

    For 18-2, 17-2, 16-2, 15-2, 14-1 & 14/13 Team Players  

    For all new players that did not play 2017-2018 Power League with NCVC

NCVC Player
Registration Links:

NCVC Registration - NEW PLAYERS

All players that did not participate in the 2017 NCV Power League season must register with NCVC using this link. If you have a SportsEngine account from another season please use your existing account. If not, you will first create a SportsEnigne account and then use that new account to come back and fill out all the details of the registration.

NCVC registration will open in May

NCVA Registration

All NCVC Players will need a 2017-2018 NCVA Junior Player Membership ($70). Please choose NCVC as your club affiliation when registering. You do not need to register again if you have registered in the fall.

AAU Registration

For 18-1, 17-1 16-1 & 15-1 Players Only! You will need to register as a Youth Athlete ($14) for the AAU West Coast event. Please indicate NCVC as your club by inputting our club code: WYY3E9 when asked.

2018 USA Junior National Championships Summer Schedule

Tournament Teams Dates Location
Tryouts All Teams May 6, 2018 JSA
Scrimmage All Teams May 20 , 2018 JSA
Scrimmage All Teams June 2 , 2018 JSA
Scrimmage All Teams June 23, 2018 JSA
AAU Boys West Coast Championships 18-1, 17-1, 16-1, 15-1 June 16-17, 2018 Anaheim, CA
USA Junior National Championships - 18 Open & Club 18-1, 18-2 July 2-5, 2018 Phoenix, AZ
USA Junior National Championships - 17 Open & Club 17-1, 17-2 July 6-9, 2018 Phoenix, AZ
USA Junior National Championships - 16 Open & Club 16-1, 16-2 July 4-7, 2018 Phoenix, AZ
USA Junior National Championships - 15 Open & Club 15-1, 15-2 July 5-8, 2018 Phoenix, AZ
USA Junior National Championships - 14 Open & Club 14-1, 14-2 July 3-6, 2018 Phoenix, AZ
Teams: 18-2, 17-2, 16-2, 15-2, 14-1, 14/13-2
USAV National Championships Club Division - Phoenix, AZ
(1 Tournament - 4 days plus 3 Scrimmages @ JSA)
Club Fee Cost: $800


Teams: 18-1, 17-1, 16-1, 15-1
AAU Boys West Coast Championship & USAV National Championships Open or Club
Anaheim, CA & Phoenix, AZ
(2 tournaments - 6 days plus 3 Scrimmages @ JSA)
Club Fee Cost: $1,000
* $70 NCVA Membership & Uniform fees apply for new players.
** $14 AAU Membership applies to 18-1, 17-1, 16-1 & 15-1 players
Club Fee Costs do not include travel. Stay & Play Policies apply.
Tryouts for the Summer Season will be May 6th, 2018 - $25 new players only
All returning players from our 2017 NCVC Boys Fall/Winter Club Teams will have a place on a team. New players to NCVC are eligible to tryout for (Ages 12-18) open spots on all teams. Returning players will not have to pay a tryout fee. Players who qualify for the Open Division during the Junior National Qualifying Season do not have to tryout but will need to show up in order to hold their spot on the roster (we encourage you to participate in the tryout). Players from other clubs must have a release waiver form filled out by your previous Club Director in order to play for NCVC. To learn more contact Robert McNutt at
Practice Player Only Positions will be available based on final team numbers. Players interested in being a Practice Player for the summer season still need to attend tryouts. Cost is $500 which includes participation in all practices and scrimmages on the schedule plus player practice gear.

2018-2019 Power League & Junior National Qualifier Season (Tryouts August)

Tournament Teams Dates Location
Scrimmage All Teams August , 2018 JSA
NCVA Power League Qualifier 18/17s September & , 2018 San Mateo, CA
NCVA Power League Qualifier 16/15, 14s September & , 2018 San Mateo, CA
NCVA Power League #1 All Teams October , 2018 TBD
NCVA Power League #2 All Teams October , 2018 TBD
NCVA Power League #3 All Teams November , 2018 TBD
NCVA Power League #4 16/15, 14s December , 2018 TBD
NCVA Power League #4 18/17s December, 2018 TBD
NCVA Power League Championships 18/17s December & , 2018 San Mateo, CA
NCVC Power League Championships 16/15, 14s December &, 2018 San Jose, CA
NCVA Far Western Bid Tourney All Teams January 12 & 13, 2019 San Mateo, CA
SCVA Qualifier 18-1, 17-1, 16-1, 15-1 January TBD, 2019 Southern California TBD
NCVC Player
Registration Links:

NCVC REGISTRATION - All Players must register

Please use this link to register with NCVC if you have been selected for a position on an NCVC Power League Team. ALL PLAYERS FOR 2017-2018 NEED TO REGISTER AT THIS TIME - players that have played with NCVC in the past can use their same SportsEngine account to complete the needed registration for this season. New players will create a SportsEngine account, activated it and then go back to complete registration.

Use the above registration for Team Players or Practice Players

NCVA Registration

2017-2018 USAV Membership - Players need a Junior Player Membership at $70.00


Jackson Sport Academy Registration

JSA 2017-2018 Registration is still pending. We may not need to do this after all. We will email if becomes necessary.


NCVA Power League & Far Western Qualifier - NCVC uses NCVA Hotel Reservations for league events. We will assist in arranging an NCVC sub-block for the Power League Qualifier and Championships. Details will be posted here and emailed. NCVA is not Stay & Play and you are free to book accommodations wherever you like.

2nd Qualifier - this event for our 18-1, 17-, 16-1 and 15-1 teams is a Stay & Play Event and you must use the team hotel. Details will be posted and emailed once available.

Event Name: 2017 NCVC Boys Volleyball


Dates of Play Sept 16th & 17th, 2017
Dates of Play Sept 23rd & 24th, 2017
Dates of Play Dec 16th & 17th, 2017
18/17U - San Mateo
16/15U & 14U - San Jose
Dates of Play Jan 6th & 7th, 2018
Please be sure to book for your teams dates and locations.
Cut off dates posted in block - please book asap once blocks are open!
Links will be made live once block is open for booking

NCVC 2017-2018 Boys Power League & Junior National Qualifier Season

BASE COST $1300 - Teams attending NCVC Scrimmage, NCVA Power League and NCVA Far Western Qualifier

BASE COST $1500 - Teams attending  NCVC Scrimmage, NCVA Power League, NCVA Far Western Qualifier and SCVA Boys Invitational   (NCVC Asics 18-1, NCVC Asics 17-1, NCVC Asics 16-1, NCVC Asics 15-1)
UNIFORM PACKAGE $125: All Players must purchase this package
Includes 1 Asics Team Jacket, 1 Asics Circiut 8 Jersey, 1 Asics White Short, 1 Asics Sock set (black/white)
*New Players that do not have the all game uniform pieces are required to purchase Team Game Uniform Set and Asics Team backpack that returning players already have. Cost: $150 in addition to above package.

$70 USAV Membership paid direct to NCVA when you register

Players travel and hotel cost are not included. Parents to arrange own travel - club will set up hotel blocks to help with arrangements. SCVA Qualifier is a Stay & Play event and players must use team hotel.


2017-2018 is our 12th Season!

NCVC is the #1 Boys & Girls Power Volleyball Program in the Sacramento Valley and Northern California. No other Boys club in Sacramento has ever qualified in the Open division and this marks our tenth year in a row (30 teams) at the highest level!

In 2017 we qualified three boys teams - 18-1 Open, 17-1 Open and 16-1 Club.

In 2016 our 18-1, 17-1, 16-1 and 15-1 all qualified for the Open Division at the USA Junior National Championships.

In 2015 our 17-1 team finished 9th in the USA Open Division and our 16-1 team finished 5th! Our 18-1 finished 11th in Club, 16-2 20th in Club and 15-1 7th in Club.

We are committed to training players to compete at the highest level and incorporate college level training techniques & drills to take players to the next level. We are dedicated to be the most competitive club in Northern California.

2017-2018 Major Tournament Links

NCVA Power League

Boys Bid Tournament
Boys Bid Tournament
Stay & Play Policy Applies

SCVA Junior Boys Classic

Stay & Play Policy Applies

2017-2018 Estimated Boys Yearly Cost is $2,500-$1975 for both seasons (Does not include Player Registration, Uniform Package, Travel & Hotel expenses)

Junior National Championships require TTS hotel reservations which are facilitated by NCVC

Information subject to change