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Girls Club Travel Information

If a tournament is listed as Stay & Play, all players are required to book in the team block that the club will set-up with tournament housing.

General Travel Information

Parents and players are responsible for all travel arrangements. This includes transportation and hotel accommodations. The club will help arrange hotel room blocks for major out-of-town tournaments only. Parents must book through the NCVC hotel block for tournaments that have “Stay and Play” policies. 

Parents are responsible for their players at tournaments or must have a Chaperone appointed for their child. Signed forms can be emailed to the Corinna Salcedo at or turned in at practice.

NCVA Power League

NCVC participates in the NCVA (Northern California Volleyball Association) Power League. NCVA uses venues all across Northern California including some sites close to Sacramento. Parents should expect a 2 hour drive to any given venue outside of our area for League Events. You can visit the NCVA Venues page to get an idea of possible venues used for League Events. 

Stay & Play Team Hotel Blocks will be set-up for the night before the event and we  encourage players to arrive the night before to be well rested and ready even if they have a PM start time on the first day.

Some of the 1-day league venues may be far enough away that you will want to book a room the night before. NCVC and NCVA do not set up any blocks for the 1-day league tournaments. Be sure to make reservations that can be canceled in case of last minute venue changes to 1-day league events. League venues will not be posted until after the League Qualifier.

NCVA play begins at 8am. Players should arrive to the venue 1 hour prior to the start of their first match OR at the time specified by their coach.

What to expect:

Single-Day League tournaments are pool play followed by bracket play. Most teams average 4 matches on a regular league day. You will be done between 3-6pm. Sometimes courts run late but all single day events must end by 6pm. They will modify the play to make sure it ends on time if necessary (ie one game to 25 instead of best of 3 games).

Two-Day Events are usually 2 rounds of pool play followed by bracket play. Day 1 is usually 1st round of pool followed by some of 2nd round of pool play. Day 2 is usually the rest of 2nd round of pool then into bracket play. End time of Day 2 varies quite a bit on multi-day events. Three-Day Events are similar, with day 3 also ending with bracket play.

If you lose in bracket play, your team refs the next match (if there is one) and then you're done for the day.

NCVA uses online schedules for their events. We will post links on our front page and you can also go directly to NCVA for links to the schedules. Schedules usually won't post until the week of the event.

Out-of-Area USAV Events:

Travel for the USAV National Qualifiers (and JNCs if your team qualifies) is the responsibility of parents. You should arrive in town the day/night before the start of a Qualifier or JNC Event. If you are flying home the final day of the event, you should book flights for 6pm or later. You may be done earlier in the day but if you are one of the last matches in the gym, you may not be done until 3-5pm.  You will not know your play schedule on the last day until the tournament is underway. Also, matches tend to run longer on the last day of the tournament. So, please use the rule of thumb for return flights after 6pm for the final day of Qualifiers or JNCs.

All National USAV Events are now Stay & Play. This means you must use the team hotel for your accommodations.



Stay & Play  means you must use the team hotel for your hotel needs. NCVC will set-up team blocks for any Stay & Play event - possible exceptions are NCVA League Qualifier and Championships.

Tournaments that are Stay & Play include:
ALL USAV National Qualifiers 
NCVA Power League Qualifier
NCVA President's Day
SCVA Las Vegas Classic
SLC Showdown Qualifier
PACIFIC northwest Qualifier
NCVA Far Westerns
NCVA Sierra National Qualifier
NCVA Power League Championships 
USAV Junior National Championships (JNC)

NCVA Power League single day league are not Stay & Play and you are free to book accommodations wherever you like, as needed.

*NCVA may change their requirements at any time - please visit their site for the most up-to-date information.